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What may be and may not be patented?

An invention that is Novel, that has inventive steps(non- obvious) and industrial capability are patentable. The unity of invention and sufficiency of disclosure should be focused more. An invention whose intended use or exploitation would be contrary to public order or ethicality or which produces consequential impairment to mankind, Flora or fauna or the environment are non- patentable. Also the discovery of a scientific principal or formulation of an abstract theory and method of agriculture or plant cultivation and diagnostic, medical, and surgical process of human being cannot be patented.

The Patent Facilitating Centre:

The Department of Science and Technology set up the patent facilitating centre at TIFAC [Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council] in 1995. The PFC has organized a large number of IPR awareness workshops all over the country independently and also in association with Ministry of small scale industries, Department of Atomic energy, etc. The Patent Facilitating Centre has brought out Ekaswa A and Ekaswa B databases on the patent applications filed in India and the patent applications accepted by the patent office.20 PIC's have been set up by PFC in 20 states of India.