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Patent Registration In Chennai

Chennai is one of the highly expected and preferred destination for the demand of patent registration in Chennai. Imagination is more important than knowledge; that great imagination gave birth to invention. The result of the invention and the idea should be protected that opens the main door for Patent Registration in Chennai. More industrial dreams are released and extinguished in Chennai hence Solubilis landed as a Solution box for filing or registering your ideas or products through patent. Everyone will try to protect and prevent their original invention from stealing . Our Solubilis strategy is to protect your valuable invention.

What is a patent?

A patent is a grant from the Government which advice on advantage of creating, selling and utilizing the invention of the grantee for a limited period of time for which the patent has been granted. The patent granted under the Act can be operated anywhere India. Patent is Governed and controlled by the Patent Acts, 1970 and the Patent Rules,2003.

Stereotypes of patent applications:

  • Ordinary Application
  • PCT International Application
  • PCT National phase Application
  • Divisional Application
  • Convention Application
  • Patent for addition Application

Documents required for patent

  • Patent of addition
  • Exclusive Marketing Rights(EMR)
  • Protection of new plant varieties by Uniformity, Denomination, Stability, Distinctiveness and novelty
  • Granting Licences with Terms and conditions
  • Assignment of patent
  • Restoration of Lapsed patents and surrender of patents.

Documents required for patent Registration in Chennai:

  • Name, Residential Address and Nationality of the applicant.
  • Title and the specification filed with the application.
  • Declaration by True and first inventor.
  • Application number and the patent number with date.
  • Name, address and nationality of the Investor.


A new invention that is unique is liable to obtain patent whereas copyright covers artistic works like literary, dramatic, cinematography, music, etc. The validity of a patent is 20 years but copyright has longer lifetime validity (i.e) 60 years. Patent work is much tedious and complex than copyright work.
Yes, the online system has the provision to register the patent application which was started in 20th July 2007.
Yes, in the Indian patent offices of Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi, it is possible to receive the filed international application under PCT- Patent Cooperation Treaty .
No, it is impossible to maintain secret in patent. The particulars of the invention are published and made available to public. Patents are acknowledged by officials in swap for a complete discovery of the invention.
Not all enterprises develops an invention. Patent can be purchased from minute pin to maximum products. Not only for complex, physical or chemical process, patent can be received for any field of technology.